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Why go solar in Idaho

Idaho may be known for its agriculture, but it may soon be known for its solar powered homes. Every day more homeowners are turning to solar for potential savings, predictable energy payments, and to preserve the environment. There are many reasons to go solar in the Gem State, but preserving its resources and agriculture may be the biggest one.

Why Go Solar In Idaho - Recon Roofing And Solar

Save on energy

Many Idaho homeowners are going solar for the potential savings. If you are on a Time of Day plan you may pay higher energy rates certain times of day. With a solar system, you can run on the sun. If you have batteries, you can even keep running off excess energy at night. You may not even need to use any energy from the grid. If you offset your production, you may only have a minimum energy bill.

Be prepared for outages

Power outages can be inconvenient and scary, especially in the winter. Idaho gets snowy winters, increasing the demand for energy at peak times. Avoid potential outages by going solar and installing batteries. Your system will help keep your home running using stored energy. Your dealer will happily discuss the best batteries for your home and budget.

Preserve Idaho’s outdoors

Idaho is an agriculture-rich state. The state is actually ranked in the top 10 for the production of over 25 crops and livestock. Of course the state also has beautiful outdoor recreation areas. By going solar, you directly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Your system is actively helping preserve the state’s rich outdoors.

Have predictable payments

Time of day plans can make your energy bills unpredictable. Not only does your utility provider charge you based on how much energy you use, but the rate varies depending on when you use it. The winter is a peak time due to cold weather. Avoid the guessing game every month by going solar. With a solar system you can reduce your dependence on electricity from the grid and you are in control of what your electric bill can be each month. If you purchase or lease your system you can lock in your monthly solar payment for the duration of your loan or lease.You may notice your energy bills become a lot easier!

Home Roof Construction - Recon Roofing And Solar

Invest in your home

Idaho homes are quickly rising in value. The average home is valued at $348,483, an 18.9% increase from last year.* Many homeowners reportedly go solar to invest in their home and keep up with the market.**

Solar Incentives In Idaho - Recon Roofing And Solar

Solar incentives in Idaho**

In August 2022, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, which provides a 30% tax credit for systems installed. Depending on your utility company, you may be eligible for solar incentives and state programs. 

Residential Alternative Tax Deduction

With the Residential Alternative Tax Deduction, you can deduct 40 percent of the cost of your solar panel equipment and installation from your personal income taxes. You can also deduct 20 percent of the cost each year for the following three years after installation. The deduction is maxed out at $5,000 per year, or $20,000 total.

Homeowners can now combine a new roof and solar system for the same monthly price usually around their current electric bill or slightly higher. Still over time the savings would be in the thousands determining on how long they are in the household. 

Solar panels perform in all kinds of weather


There are sunny days ahead for solar. The more sun you have access to, the longer your panels work during the day. Your panels work best at converting energy when sun rays shine directly at them. The more energy you produce, the more excess you may be able to send back to the grid. Take advantage of the excess through net metering and other incentive programs.


As the rain pours down, your panels will continue to be hard at work. Solar panels will work with reflected or partially blocked sun rays to keep your home powered. Your production is linked to the amount of clouds. Rain will have some effect on your production, but the rays will still penetrate through the rain. It may actually help keep your panels working efficiently as they wash away any dust or dirt.


It is a misconception that panels don’t work on cloudy days. The best way to know how much the clouds affect your system’s performance is to monitor your system on sunny days and compare. Your system may actually be more efficient without the excess heat. This is because solar systems prefer the cold! The sun’s rays are still able to penetrate through cloudy skies and keep your system running.


Amazingly enough, even when covered in snow a solar system can still produce power! Scattered light filters through snow and reaches solar panels even when the snow cover is fairly heavy. Your solar panels may actual be more efficient in light snow. Cold weather helps them perform better, and usually snow slides right off. Power production may be reduced with heavier snowfall, but your system can still produce.


Solar panels are highly reliable and sturdy, they hardly notice your average winds. In most cases, damage from wind will be due to weakened roofs, not solar panels. This is why we assess your roof condition and reccomend any repairs prior to installing your system. In the event that higher winds cause an outage in the grid, you will still have power if you have batteries with your system.

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